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Meet people that are looking for the same kind of relationship as you
How many times did you swipe right and realize that your crush was looking for another kind of relationship?
Fruitz was founded in Paris in 2017 and has become one of the fastest growing dating apps in Europe and Northern America; across France, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, Spain, and Canada. The dating app is particularly popular with Gen Z, a growing segment of online dating consumers.
The app encourages open and honest communication of dating intentions through four playful fruit metaphors cherries, grapes, watermelons, and peaches 🍒🍇🍉🍑 - you can select when signing up and change depeding on your mood. Fruitz believe in happily ever after relationships as much as in casual ones!
Fruits talks to Gen Z, the first digital native and very diverse generation, with curated content through influencers (Squeezie, Lucie Rheaume, Dee among many others) on social medias (Instagram, Tiktok, Spotify, Pinterest) and meet them during very special events (GP Explorer, Solidays, Comic Con).
Fruitz joined Bumble Inc., made from the very well know apps Bumble and Badoo, in February 2022 in support of its mission of creating a world where all relationships are healthy and equitable.
Bumble Inc. is the parent company of Bumble, Badoo, and now Fruitz, some of the world’s highest-grossing dating apps with millions of users worldwide. The Bumble platform enables people to connect and build equitable and healthy relationships. Bumble Inc. currently employs over 800 people in offices in Austin, Barcelona, London, Paris, and Dubai.

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Company Culture

Full remote with offices in Paris

We have beautiful offices located in Paris (include photos), that doesn't mean you have to work in them.
We allow for 100% remote work with a culture that was built from the ground up to support this. We always had people working remotely and are supporting this way-of-life in every way we can, whether that's by reducing the number of meetings or by writing everything down.
Everything should be able to be known by everyone at any time, whether they come to the office or live on the other side of the planet! For legal reasons though, we currently only allow workers to be hired in locations where we, or Bumble, have offices: United Kingdom, Spain, France.

Time management

We believe people are best at doing what they do when they're free to do so whenever they want, wherever they want.
We don't enforce strict working hours and we have a very low load of meetings. People are trusted to be doing their share of the work in a given week with some daily write-ups about what they've been up to. Life doesn't have to stop during working hours so if you need to run an errand, take your pet to the vet or want to take that yoga class, you're free to do so as long as we can trust that your job will be done.

Offsites and team events

While we're a fully remote company, we do love seeing each other and foster a culture of community. That's why we organize on-sites and off-sites.
On-sites are when we all gather at the Paris office, usually once a quarter, and live the full Parisian lifestyle by eating out at restaurants, have drinks in bars and explore new activities like indoor mini-golf or escape games. We take this opportunity to align on company values and priorities as well as spending time with one-another.
Off-sites happen once a year at a remote location ; we gather everyone working at Fruitz in one place (a nice one) and we mix working together, exploring the area, and practicing activities to bond (And of course we party a little).
On top of these scheduled gatherings, we sometimes participate in large events. Recently, we gathered at the GP Explorer, a Formula 4 race that was organized by some of the biggest French Youtubers and that was taking place in the legendary Le Mans track. For that one, we were a main sponsor and had our logo on the Formula 4 car as well as our own team of pilots, all while benefiting from great access throughout the event.
The Fruitz team surfing in Hossegor, Landes, Southwestern France - June '22
The team at the GP Explorer event - October '22